The Environmentalist

The changes that I have applied in my daily life over the past years in order to contribute to a healthier environment, and that I have seen so many others in my surroundings make too, made me wonder about ‘our’ position in the current climate debate. With us, I mean people privileged enough to have […]

Parliament of things and enactment of third entities: object-subject/subject-object encounters from Cuban urban gardens to United States’ robotic labs

ABSTRACT Things/objects/materials/nonhumans are integral components of everyday material ecology of humans. The nonhuman elements contribute to sociality, socialization and configuration of political subjectivities. We explore the dynamics of subject-object relationships via ethnographies of urban gardens and robotic labs. We trace the dynamics of man-plant relationships in urban gardens of Cuba and engineer-humanoid relationships in the […]

Book review: Organized Violence After Civil War—The Geography of Recruitment in Latin America

Organized violence after civil war—the geography of recruitment in Latin America, by Sarah Zukerman Daly, Cambridge, University of Cambridge Press, 315 pp., £ 20.99 (paperback) ISBN 978-1-107-56683-5, (hardback) ISBN 978-1-107-12758-6 In her book, Organized Violence after Civil War, Sarah Zukerman Daly sheds light on the geographical aspects of postwar thinking in a way, previously neglected in […]

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