Vegansexuality. Vegan-what?

“Left-wing girls get horny from right-wing talk. How leftist a girl may be, and how conscious they are about the world, in their panties they are all right as hell.” This quote stems from a show performed by Dutch comedian Hans Teeuwen in 2013. During the show he demonstrates how ‘left-wing’ topics such as poverty, […]

From conflict to cuisine

A conversation with Alexander Gershberg. What and how we eat strongly defines our identity and relationships. But for chefs, the meaning goes even further. Especially for chefs who grew up in a conflict area and now strive for success elsewhere. For them, recipes and stories cannot be separated from their identities. Stories about traditions, politics, memories and economic resilience. […]

Eten volgens de maan

En wat we kunnen leren van de Mayaanse landbouwtechnieken. Zowel chronische ondervoeding als obesitas vormen grote problemen in de Guatemalteekse samenleving. Hoewel obesitas de grootste gezondheidsuitdaging is bij kinderen in de steden, lijdt de inheemse bevolking in plattelandsgebieden juist aan ondervoeding. Door de koolhydratenrijke voeding kan men wel genoeg binnen krijgen om de honger te […]

The Environmentalist

The changes that I have applied in my daily life over the past years in order to contribute to a healthier environment, and that I have seen so many others in my surroundings make too, made me wonder about ‘our’ position in the current climate debate. With us, I mean people privileged enough to have […]

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